Meet Helen Finn

I always imagined it would be fast paced and full of lively personalities, and I was correct: Meet Helen Finn, Consultant & Ad Equality Coordinator

Hi Helen. Can you tell us what being a candidate manager is, from your perspective? And what does a ‘normal’ day in the life of a consultant look like? 

I work closely with other consultants and account managers to provide vetted and referenced candidates when needs arise. I suppose you could say I’m the middle man between the candidate and the client. 

My normal day would consist of finding the best individuals for our live jobs. This can be done using various CV websites or posting adverts and reviewing the responses. Once a candidate has been spoken to, I would arrange a meeting with them. This gives me the chance to talk through their CV in more detail and to get a feel for their personality. Once vetted and added to the shortlist I would send the CV’s over to our clients and arrange interviews. To finish, I hope that after the interview process one of my candidates gets a job offer.  

Did you always want to be in recruitment? And is it different from how you imagined it would be? 

I went straight into recruitment after University. I started in September at another recruitment firm; however, I didn’t feel it was the right environment. Then, luckily, I found Ad Idem and I am coming up to a year here this November. I always imagined it would be fast paced and full of lively personalities, and I was correct. 

We’d really appreciate some insider wisdom! Can you share with us three top tips on how to stand out from the crowd during the interview process? 

  1. I would always suggest preparing for your interview a few days in advance, not the night before. 
  2. Tailor your CV for the job you are applying to. If you have experience in the role then give examples and make sure they are highlighted. 
  3. Always try and get testimonials at the start of the process. These really help, when sending over your CV, to get an interview. 

Ad Idem put lots of energy and time into its Ad Equality approach. How have you found being a woman in this industry? Have you felt it’s helped or hindered your progress in any way? 

I have been concentrating on Ad Equality recently and trying to promote it wherever I can. Our new mentor programme has just been started, and I am hoping this will give a lot of women out there the boost when asking for advice. 

Honestly, for myself, I feel very equal to the men in the office and enjoy the environment I am in. 

It’s October already! (brrr). What advice would you give people at this time of year when they’re feeling a bit restless and are considering applying for a job in the New Year? What steps should they be making now? And have you found that you do get more applications in the New Year or is it an urban myth that this is the most popular time for people to change jobs? 

Always, always make sure you have an up-to-date CV.  This is essential when talking to any recruiter or applying to a job online. 

Last year was a little quiet in January. I think this was due to everyone coming back to work after the holidays and probably spending a little too much on Christmas presents. However, as soon as February hit, the market definitely picked up again.  

 Can you share with us a bit about your life outside the office? (And whether you’ve kept up with those early morning Spin classes?!) 

I have changed my gym classes to the evening; I couldn’t face waking up early now the weather is starting to become a lot colder. Most of my weekends consist of socialising with my friends in London, with the occasional weekend spent going home to visit my parents for a rest. Also, I have recently booked a trip to Miami for my birthday at the end of November which I am very excited for! (happy birthday in advance!) 

Lastly, if you won a trip around the world, what three countries would immediately be on the list, and why? 

Australia would be my number one as I spent my gap year there and couldn’t think of anything better than going back. Second would be Bali; there’s a beach bar called “Finns Bar” and I feel that would be appropriate to visit since it’s my last name. Lastly, I would like to visit Alaska for a skiing holiday. 

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